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Why Didn’t the Inspector Catch it?

Posted: 11.01.16

“My contractor came over, and he said my home inspector should have caught this…”

This can be a very confusing situation for a homeowner. Usually the contractor is there because of some issue that has arisen, and in the course of the repair or replacement he may make a statement that puts doubt in your[...]

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Vacant Homes

Posted: 10.01.16

I want to spend a little time on the sale of vacant homes. As a seller, definitely consider having the home staged. I’m sure we’ve all been in a vacant home before, and there is no getting around the fact that they just feel empty and perhaps a little lonely. That’s not the kind of feeling you want a potential buyer to come. [...]

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How to Choose the Right REALTOR

Posted: 9.01.16

HomeTeam Inspection Service performs nearly 2,000 home inspections each year in Louisville and Southern Indiana, and we work with a LOT of real estate agents. As a result, we get to see up close and personal some of the good and not so great in the industry. [...]

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Posted: 08.01.16

Perhaps I should have titled this blog, “Make sure you USE a REALTOR,” because so many people have an idea they can save money by skipping the agent. This is simply not true, and I need to be completely open with you regarding some of my past deeds and poor choices. [...]

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Posted: 7.01.2016

You have mold in your home. Wait- before you run out of the house screaming, please remember that mold is ubiquitous. The nice smell of fall leaves is actually the smell of decay and … mold. The real question with your home is this: do I have harmful mold spores in sufficient quantity to be a health hazard to me and my family?. . [...]

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Inspecting roofs

Posted: 6.01.2016

I wanted to visit this subject to help illuminate a few of the finer points of roof inspections as they relate to the overall home inspection. The first point home buyers need to understand is that none of the home inspection standards require the inspector to walk on the roof. This is a critical point since some inspection companies have a policy to NOT walk on a roof, either because of the weight or age of the inspector, or for other reasons. . [...]

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Is my house up to code?

Posted: 5.01.2016

This is a question we often get from homebuyers who are a little confused about the scope and intent of a home inspection. Remember, the home inspection is designed to identify major deficiencies that will either cost you a lot of money or that may pose a safety hazard. A home inspection is most definitely and quite specifically NOT a code inspection. [...]

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Myths About Radon

Posted: 04.01.2016

We often hear things from potential buyers (and sometimes from real estate agents, too) explaining why they think they do not need to test for radon. I’ll address some of these issues below:

  1. The house is on a slab or crawl space- while this tends to keep the radon levels lower than they would otherwise be, we see lots of homes with high radon levels that are either on slabs or on crawl spaces. You should test. [...]

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Radon Mitigation

Posted: 03.01.2016

Here’s the good news: radon mitigation is very straightforward. Remember the previous discussion about the negative pressure from the heating and cooling system drawing radon into the home? The “fix” is simply to move the negative pressure underneath the home by way of a small fan connected to 4-inch PVC. [...]

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Radon testing protocol

Posted: 02.02.2016

There are strict guidelines a radon tester must adhere to when taking a radon sample.   In general, the longer the test, the more accurate the results, and we’re talking weeks or months.   However, for real estate transactions, certain criteria must be met in order to achieve the best possible results within a very constrained time period, so the EPA and other similar bodies have developed acceptable protocol to be able to give us the best look at [...]

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Why is radon higher inside a home than outside?

Posted: 01.01.2016

This is one of the most common questions we get, along with its follow-on: why am I just now hearing about radon (ie, is this some sort of modern scam or what)?

The answers to both questions are pretty straightforward. Radon seeps up through the soil in its natural life cycle. [...]

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What is Radon, and why should I care?

Posted: 12.01.2015

Hello everybody, and welcome to a quick look at radon, its causes, health effects, and reasons you should get your home tested.

You may recall from your high school Chemistry class (or not) that Radon is an element listed on the periodic table.   Its symbol is Rn, and [...]

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